• Jean-Claude Brillon

The story of the founder and the creation of the business

Since the age of 4, I have always been intrigued by cameras. At that age, it was very strange for me to understand a device like this, capable of recreating one of my senses. I was amazed by the power that this machine had.

2007- Discovering my limits, 9 years old

I had discovered Cirque du soleil. I thought my role in this world was destined to become a circus acrobat, but after seeing that the circus world was more difficult than I thought, I decided to give up the idea and pursue my passion for photography. .2011- Youtube revolution year, 13 years old

That's when I realized that I did not like what other kids my age liked. I had discovered the world of YouTube. Contrary to what some people may think, YouTube has allowed me to evolve as an individual. Indeed, I discovered that the world of visual creation spoke to me a lot. I learned many techniques, from shooting to editing. That's when I realized that my voice was in the world of cinematography. One of the reasons why I am attracted to cinematography is because there are so many emotions that I can convey through my visuals, and for me, to be able to demonstrate my perception of the world to another individual is something really rewarding. Through my discovery of YouTube, I discovered the YouTuber Sawyer Hartman. He taught me as much about my personal journey as about cinematography techniques. He made me understand that sometimes we have to do the things that scare us the most to get where we want to go.

2015- Creation of BELLAHART MEDIA

I had a lot of difficulty at school, I had lost my job and life was not easy for me. Since I didn't have many choices , I had to drop out of high school to get my diploma in adult education. For a month, I was discouraged, I did not know what to do. One day while watching a video of my favorite YouTuber, Sawyer Hartman, I realized that I did not want to work 9 to 5 routine job like everyone else and that I wanted to do something that would make more sense to my life.  I decided that I would make it my mission to share this passion. That's when I decided to start a video production and photography company. I had to find a name for the company but I did not want to call it by my own name since it would not make sense. So, I thought about what inspires me the most in life. I concluded that it was these next two people.

The first being my sister, Isabella, who despite her disability, always finds a way to persevere and inspire me.

The second is Sawyer Hartman who inspires me by his philosophy and style of film production.

After mixing their names, this brought BELLAHART to life. This great project was born on December 7, 2015.

Following this. I finished high school in high speed and after, I wanted to take my company further.

I then discovered the Innovation Gatineau Institute. This start-up collaborative space allowed me to learn how to run my business and how to build it. Since then, I work with a ton people who help me to walk in my entrepreneurial career.

Here is what brings me to today, where I pursue my career by meeting many different people and undertaking multiple projects.

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